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Tips to Treat Allergies from Pets

Pets form an important part of our families. They are the favorite friends of our kids, which is why we have to be careful about the pet allergies and their treatment. People with pet allergies are often unaware that they have the condition as the signs are barely noticeable. If you have been diagnosed with one, it is best to stay away from pets. You should refrain from keeping pets at your home. Also, you should keep away from homes with pets. If you must keep pets, then you will have to take some sort of treatment for keeping the symptoms at bay.


Many over the counter medications are available to control the allergy symptoms. One can use Antihistamines and Decongestants to get over the symptoms of pet allergy. One can use Antihistamines in pill or nasal spray form. One can also use certain asthma medications to combat pet allergy. One can also avail allergy ayurvedic treatment from various ayurvedic outlets. Ayurvedic allergy medicine is readily available at Dr. Sharda’s clinic.

Immunotherapy is also a treatment option that can be availed. It consists of administration of allergy shots which are given at the frequency of 1-2 every week. They are later toned down to once a month. It makes the body used to allergens so that you don’t have problems when you are exposed to them. It helps in curbing the allergic reaction when one is faced with allergens.

Avoiding pet Allergies

Given below are general guidelines which will help in keeping the allergies off –


  1. Wash your hands


The golden rule is that you wash your hands whenever there is direct contact with the pet. It is helpful as it restricts the transfer of allergens from the pet’s body to the human.

  1. Keep the pets clean

Another golden rule is cleanliness of the pets. The pets must be bathed and cleaned regularly. This will stop the onslaught and breeding of the allergens on the animal’s body.

  1. Keep pets away from your favorite area

Keep the pet away from the area where you spend most of your time or where you rest. It will lead to prolonged exposure to pets and an allergic reaction.

  1. Clean the areas which are likely to serve as a breeding ground for allergens

Allergens often accumulate on areas such as pillow covers, bed sheets, carpets, rugs, mattresses, cushions, etc. These areas must be cleaned regularly so the allergens don’t breed. Always keep the heater and blower ducts free of dirt.

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