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Tackle Your Stress With Ayurveda

Stress is an integral part of our life. Stress creates toxic chemicals which can lead to disease and also premature aging. Ayurveda is an age-old system which has been prevalent in India for more than 500 decades. Ayurveda aims to deal with stress and also to boost the natural ability to get rid of the effects of stress

Create Proper Time Table

Ayurvedic approach for treating stress is very different from other modes of medicine. It includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects. In ayurvedic medicine, it is termed as dinacharya. Once the day begins on a routine, it sets you to stress-free day by helping in keeping the doshas in balance. It is advised that you create a time table to plan your whole day.

Create A Protective Shield Against Stress

One of the excellent ways of building a protective shield against stress is by doing Abhyanga or a massage which can be done on your own. In case you are not able to do the full body massage, then you are able to a massage of hands, feet, and neck.

Meditation! A Perfect Way To Stay Calm And Composed

Just like everything else, meditation is also an important part of staying calm and composed. Meditation helps to release the build up stress hormones, and also boosts up the happy hormone called serotonin.

Aroma oils are a perfect way to throw the natural blues away!

Aroma oils work wonders in releasing stress and also have shown to calm down an anxious mind. Having flowers in the home area natural way to make a soothing aroma. You can also light up incense sticks or add some drops of aroma oil in a bucket or tub of water for a more relaxed feeling.


It has been proven that music has a calming effect on the nervous system, mind and also on the emotions. Listening to classical or soft music has immediate effects on the mind.

Drink beverages

There are many beverages which if taken in moderation can greatly help in reducing stress. Sip a cup of green tea or other organic teas and see it’s the effect on your whole mind, body, and soul.


They are herbal formulations which help in promoting all aspects of health. Ayurveda helps in dealing with stress and also in nourishing all aspects of physiology.

It is recommended to use the above-mentioned tips to lead a better lifestyle, free of stress.

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