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Suffering from Sexless Marriage Life

It might come as a surprise but there are many couples who are not getting physically intimate. Although  they may be married or having a live-in relationship, they might be facing sexual problems resulting in the inability to engage in sexual intercourse. Such a situation is referred to as an as sexless marriage. It can be treated by consulting a sexologist.

First-time fear

It is normal for the partners to have fears and inhibitions about their ‘first night’, especially for women. In the Indian scenario,  people are inexperienced or lack knowledge about sex. This leads to nervousness and anxiety when they get a chance to have intercourse, resulting in rather poor performance. Women might suffer from a condition called vulvodynia in which the woman feels pain when her genitalia is stimulated. It has more to do with the fear factor and calls for gentle handling by the male partner. Such conditions can be diagnosed and treated by counseling. You can find a sexologist in India if you have such problems.

Performance issues

Life has become a competition and every aspect of it has become a race. So much so that the couple is expected to ‘perform ‘perfectly on the wedding night. But how can you expect excellent results when you are new to the act? Couples should realize that is neither a competition nor a race to show their sexual abilities. It is just a part of their married bliss which will take time to come into its real shape. Also, don’t set your first time as the benchmark for the sexual life that lies ahead.

Love vs arranged

Sexual intercourse with a person you hardly know is somewhat odd. Almost all relationship experts will agree that sexual intercourse is not something one should jump into just because they are married. There has to be an element of emotional bonding. After bonding emotionally, they will be more open about their areas of pain and pleasure which holds crucial importance in sexual well-being and satisfaction.

Stress and Sex

The modern lifestyle exerts a lot of pressure on the double income couple. With both the partners working and sharing the financial and domestic responsibilities equally, there is more often than not an unwillingness to get into the act. Naturally, it shows up in the form of poor or non-existent sex life. A bit of counseling and a bit of relaxation will help you tide over the situation.

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