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Suffering From Headaches – Here’s The Yoga Guide Warrior To Overcome The Same

Headaches are not new for anyone. People suffer from headaches on an occasional or constant basis. The most commonly used solution to get relief from headaches is the pain-killers that are easily available at a local drug store or occupy the first-aid box of every home. They offer temporary relief from a headache and bring about deleterious consequences to one’s health and well-being. A better alternative to this is the visiting a Ayurvedic Centre to get ayurvedic treatment. The Ayurveda studies a headache in depth and broadly classifies into three main categories.


  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sinus headaches


Tension Headaches

These are the outcome of an individual’s lifestyle. They result in dull aching pain the head accompanied by tenderness on the scalp, neck, and shoulder muscles. These headaches can be cured by

  1. Consistent diet: this means fixing the time for the three meals every day and not making any alterations to it.
  2. A special type of diet: this contains a diet of warm, cooked and wet foods such as stews and soups; sweet and salty tastes. This also means debarring cold, light, and dry foods such as cracks and dry cereals.
  3. Stay hydrated: drink as much water as you can. Keep yourself hydrated. It is important to avoid the intake of caffeine and coffee.
  4. Daily massage: making habit of massaging with warm ayurvedic oils such as AromaBliss’s vata oil, varmakesi oil before bathing does wonder in treating headaches. Another option is to apply sandalwood paste to temples that help in keeping the mind calm and composed. The ayurvedic massage centers can be a great option to splurge in for relaxing the mind, body, and soul.
  5. Slowing down the yoga practice: there are two types of yoga practices that one needs to indulge in. The first one is restorative yoga and the second one is yin yoga. Both of these persuade the individual practicing them to slow down and cool down. These revolve around the nervous center, the endocrine system, and the lymphatics. When one is suffering from a tension headache, his/her nerves are almost in a state of paralysis out of contraction. This is when these yoga practices perform their wonderful action of softening and lengthening of the connective tissue which in turn lets it release which is further transferred to the contracted muscles.
  6. Peppermint and lavender essential oils: the amalgamation of some ayurvedic essential oils such as peppermint and lavender oils and sandalwood and rose is extremely effective for tension headaches. These act as a coolant for tension headaches.

Overall, the tension headaches can be cured by following simple ayurvedic techniques instead of fetching those pain killers which not only kill pain but gradually are killing the person too.

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