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Some Curious Facts To Know About Life After Kidney Donation

A kidney transplant is getting the common procedure for the patients, who have a severe issue or even could not get any benefit from the allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic Treatment of Kidney Problems. There are some people who choose surgical treatment for all their kidney problems by finding the perfectly matched kidney donor.

Many people choose to donate their kidney after death or even some donate their one kidney and lead their rest of life on one kidney. It is obvious that kidney donation is the act of bravery and some questions make you scratch your head so let us understand some important facts about this donation.

How Long Is The Recovery After Donation?

This living donations can be done through two methods one is traditional and other is laparoscopic surgery so this choice of surgery can affect the length of recovery period. Even the ability of patient’s body for recovery can also affect the number of days taken by the patient to recover. As per the condition of the patient after the surgery, the doctor may give you the idea about recovery time and proper instructions to follow after the surgery.

After surgery, for few days patient may feel tenderness, itching and mild pain for few days and even for six weeks patient is asked to avoid heavy lifting or heavy physical activities especially for which patient needs to bend. Donors are also asked to avoid contact sports after kidney donation.

Does Living Get Affected After Kidney Donations?

Well, living kidney donor can lead a normal life after their surgery as after the removal of one kidney the size of other kidney gets an increase in size to compensate the loss of a removed kidney.

Even the donors can perform their normal activities of life including eating habits and exercises also but some sports are asked to avoid after kidney donation so that other kidney can be prevented from any risk of being injured. Donors are even encouraged for long-term and regular follow-ups with the transplant team for primary care. Living donation even not affect your chances of getting pregnant after surgery.

Does Donation Affect The Life Expectancy?

Does donation affect the life expectancyAs discussed above person can lead a normal life after the donation of one kidney so this donation does not affect the life expectancy of a person.

Are There Any Emotional Changes Or Attacks After Kidney Donation?

After donations, generally, the patients report for mixed emotions including positive feeling, happiness, internal satisfaction or even some rare donors also complained about feeling of depression, anxiety, and issue of lacking also lead them towards sadness.

Are There Some Long-term Risks Of Donation?

The scar is the obvious side effect of donation, however, the size, visibility, and type of scar totally depend on the type of surgery. Other than this in the long term, some patients report some issues like nerve damage, hernia, intestinal obstruction or even pain. Donors are advised to discuss any of their issues with transplant tea to get the best treatment and even if there is an issue with the other kidney then Kidney Diseases ayurvedic medicine can also be recommended for prevention or treatment.

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