Ayurvedic Sinusitis “Pinas” treatment in Punjab, India

Sinuses can develop as early as the childhood stage and they tend to become a chronic issue. They affect all age groups, regardless of the gender, nationality, and ethnicity. Just like asthma, sinuses are a complicated issue, although not deadly. The fact with sinuses is that they can reduce one’s freedom and perhaps the quality of life.
How Sinus Issues Actually Develop
In the Ayurveda sphere, experts believe that sinuses develop due to an imbalance in Prana Vata. That is the Subdosha of Vata that controls the (head, brain, and mind) and Shleshaka Kapha, a subdosha of Kapha that controls lubrication and moisture balance.
The imbalance between these two sub-doshas can also lead to various complications such as Ama. The mixture of Shleshaka Kapha in the sinus region and Ama can lead to what is termed as Shleshma.The Shleshma will settle and then clog the channels of the sinuses and due to the various complications, the Pitta dosha will become imbalanced hence an inflammation.

With this, a person will become prone to infections, microbes, and allergies. Lifestyle, environmental factors, diet, and weather conditions can all worsen one’s condition.

Treating Sinuses Ayurvedically

Sinuses can be treated using various approaches, generally to eliminate toxins and provide the normal balance within the tissue. The Ayurvedic herbs are utilized to restore balance to the specific functioning modes that trigger the condition.
Massaging the region with herbalized oil is also an excellent option in the cleansing process (removing impurities and toxins)
Modifications are also necessary and these may fall in the diet and nutrition sphere, lifestyle, food preparation, utilizing only the prescribed supplements, proper stress management among others.

Consult our Ayurvedic specialist for the best Sinusitis treatment.

Sinuses “Pinas” Treatment Success Rate At Dr. Sharda Medi Life Clinic

Sinuses are common problems in all age groups and tend to either worsen or become less severe as one grows. Treating sinuses immediately can help lessen the effect of the condition.

Herbal Solution of Sinuses :

  • Tribhvan kirti rasa ‘tablets’
  • Nasya (intranasal instillation)
  • Tribhuvan kirti rasa
  • Inhalation of steam of Dasamulakwath
  • Steam inhalation of Dasmula

At Dr. Sharda Medi Life Clinic, our treatment techniques have proven to be effective with an efficacy rate of 97%. We are able to treat our patients effectively with a combination of the above-mentioned treatment approaches. These are both clinically conducted and also followed at home.

Several home remedies are provided to help achieve substantial results in the first three months of treatment. In case no substantial results are witnessed, we are able to alter the treatments as required.

On the other hand, chronic sinusitis is given specialized attention to help offer immediate relief. Our naturally enriched treatments will help eliminate the inflammation, improve the respiratory system, and also reduce the condition’s recurrence.

We handle and treat mild to severe cases of sinuses in all age groups. Kindly consult our specialist for the best sinus treatment.


What is sinus and its causes?
It is known as Pinas in Ayurveda. It is the condition in which sinuses are blocked and become inflamed. This condition may happen with any person irrespective of his age and sex. It may happen due to various reasons like excessive intake of oily, spicy, hot, cold and dry foods which leads to blocking of flow of air and lead to swelling and irritation of tissues of sinuses.

How Ayurvedic medicines work for sinus?
Ayurvedic medicines are herbal based helps in liquefying and expelling aggravated body energies and work positively for sinusitis. Patient can get best and effective treatment if along with Ayurvedic medicines he is also doing some nasal therapies and exercises along with adequate diet plant changes.

Is Ayurvedic sinus treatment permanent?
Ayurveda works for rooting out the problem after studying the nature and cause of problem. Even the best herbal medicines work for reversing the progressive disease process so can give you permanent relief from your problem but it is important to follow during and after treatment instructions given by the doctor to get best ever results.