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Signs & Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drugs are a growing menace and pose a threat to our valuable youth. They are an easy target for such gold diggers who are willing to go to any length to secure financial gains. It is our duty as guardians to be on a lookout for such greedy vendors.  De addiction Centre in Ludhiana aims to divulge knowledge about the signs of addiction-

 Physical signs of addiction:

Sudden and severe weight loss

Consuming drugs creates a sort of turmoil in the body. It results in a sudden weight loss which could go on for days. Some drugs are known to cause a loss of appetite. They also cause the body to burn calories at a faster rate to maintain the vital functions of the body.

Red /watery eyes and dilated pupils 


Lethargy – After the effects of the drugs wear off, the addict will remain immobile due to lack of energy. If the drug use has been severe, the spell could last for days. The weakness may be compounded by the lack of appetite.

Jitters and chills-Under the influence of drugs, the brain is unable to exercise full control over the muscles. This results in jitters, chills and poor coordination of the limbs. Extreme sensitivity to cold may also be seen.

Mental Symptoms:

Aggressive behaviour

The addict shows unexplained aggression. They often get embroiled in violent outbreaks against teachers, parents and other authoritative figures they interact with.

Paranoid behaviour

They get paranoid about everything. They show a hyper vigilant behaviour against everyone. Even their close relatives will seem like an enemy to them.

A sudden drop in performance

The youth involved in drugs will lose any kind of interest in studies. Their attendance will show a sudden drop and the academic performance will come down drastically. Lack of attentiveness may also be evident. They will avoid any questions about school and try to dodge any questions related to it.

Reckless behaviour

The addicts may show reckless behaviour. It is one of the most pronounced signs of drug abuse. The child starts taking risks without gauging the risk to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Using abusive language and showing inappropriate behaviour is a common symptom.

Extreme moods

The addicts may show a pleasant disposition one moment and an irritable behaviour the next. While stimulants cause euphoria like feeling, barbiturates, and tranquilizers have a calming effect on the person.

Sleep disorders

Drug addicts’ brain usually becomes dull as it starts depending on the drugs. This leads to irregular sleep patterns. Certain drugs are known to induce sleep and the person may oversleep. In extreme cases, the sleep pattern may be completely reversed. When this happens, the person may sleep during the day and remain active at night.


Remain supportive of the child and visit a de-addiction centre as soon as possible if you suspect your child to be an addict.

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