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Sexologist in Muktsar: Dr.Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Hospital, There are still some of the best doctors who are best at their treatment when it comes to the personal health. Safety is as important because without proper hygiene now a day nothing is possible. Sex specialist doctor in Muktsar, knows all about the treatment that is available for the male sexual dysfunction.

Male Sexual Dysfunction –

  • Erectile Dysfunction – It is known as the inability to maintain the penile erection during the inter course. It may affect the physical and mental both the condition of the person. It just not only affects the male but also his partner.
  • Premature Ejaculation i.e. Early Discharge – Commonly among many men it can seen that dysfunction is being characterized by the ejaculation and that too always occurs in vaginal penetration. As a result it can lead to the stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Small penis and enlargement – There are two types of penis i.e. one is Grow – ers, men with short penis and other is Show –ers, men with large penis.
  • Decreased LIBIDO – It is like showing no desire for the sexual activity or no interest towards the intimacy. There is a lack of proper interaction with your partner or it could be due to alcohol, smoking.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction


  • Sexual pain disorder – It generally includes diseases like vaginisms and Dyspareunia that are genitor-pelvic pain/ penetration disorder occur during sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration, anxiety and many others.
  • Absent Orgasm – Absent of orgasm is usually sometimes at a persistent or recurrent delay in any of the absence of orgasm which is been followed by a normal sexual excitement situation.
  • Decreased LIBIDO – In this there is lack of any desire towards your partner of being physical. There is no proper communication between them and the interest is completely lost.
  • Masturbation – It is the solo practice of sexual pleasure being taken by one self. It can improve the joy of the partner in future because of the practice being alone.
  • Diabetes band sexual dysfunction and erectile function – It is the risk factor which is a dysfunction in both the men and women and prominently and majorly the men are being affected. Common symptoms are diabetes and also dysfunction.
  • Infertility is the other factor that can be observed during the dysfunction. It is basically the inability of sexually active. In this situation the partner has no interest in the sexual activity. It could be due to the depression or stress.


STD is sexually transmitted diseases which are being caused by the germs which are usually present on the human body. The germs on our skin can be very harmful and the infected person can transfer this chronic disease to the other person.

In the same way, HIV is also a kind of infection that can be transmitted from one person to another. It is important to have its treatment within the 72 hours and exposure is done by therapy like almost a month.

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