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Sexologist in Mohali: Dr.Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Hospital is formed by the best sexual Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Arjun Sharda. With a year of professional experience as a sexologist, he has treated many men and women who were suffering from sexual issues.

With the guidance and immense knowledge of Dr. Arjun Sharda, the entire is continuously offering the best treatment to patients who are dealing with different sexual problems in their life. You will get the best treatment and medication from our team of Sex specialist in Mohali.

We offer treatment to men of different age groups who are suffering from issues like Loss of libido, Infertility, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, and other different problems. We also cure women who are suffering from different issues along with various sexual problems.

Dealing with sexual problem definitely affect the relationship in a negative way. In case, you are dealing with an issue which is affecting your married life then you do not have to worry and just visit us once. We ensure the problem will be solved 100% with natural ayurvedic medicine and it does not matter what the issue is.

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What are the available treatment options?

Bed-wetting Treatment

Bed-wetting is a very common pre-adolescent issue which children face until the age of six. But, after that it the problem persist then it turns into something serious. In Sanskrit, it is known as Shavya mootra.  In Ayurveda, different treatment options are available to cure it.

At Dr.Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Hospital you will get 100% natural medicines which will not leave any side effect on your kid. Under the guidance of Dr. Arjun, the patient’s health is continuously monitored to ensure the medications are giving the best results.


Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the issue faced by men when they are not able to keep the erection or sometimes they can’t have it on time. This affects their relationship with their partner. The problem is faced by many men all over the world. At our hospital, you will get the treatment plan according to your problem as every patient case is different. Additionally, the doctor will let you know what changes you have to make in your lifestyle which will help you lead a happy life.


Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is the problem faced by men when they ejaculate quicker as compared to their partner’s expectations. This is the most common problem which people face related to sex. This can even result in stress, depression, anxiety, and psychological issue. With Ayurvedic medicine, you will get the best results and there is no negative effect on the body.



Many couples are there who are not able to conceive on its own. Despite trying for several months or years the results are coming positive. Best option is to consult the doctor as early as possible as they can guide you with the best treatment option. It is essential that you should seek medical help so that the problem does not increase.

With our expert advice and natural ways to cure the problem, you will surely see the best results. Ayurvedic medicines have been considered best as they cure the problem of the root so that it won’t get triggered again.

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