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Reasons You May Be Allergic To Fruits and Vegetables

We all are told to eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and fit. But what if someone is allergic to these food items. In that case, it will cause more harm rather than giving you benefit. There are some people who are facing the fruits and vegetable allergies. This type of allergy occurs when the immune system identifies that the proteins found in the vegetables or fruits are harmful. Once you eat them, the immune system responds with them and releases the histamines which eventually result in allergic symptom.

Additionally, there have been some studies which showed that exposure to pesticide over time increase the food allergies. However, it is not common that allergic reaction can be the result of pesticides which are left on the fruits and vegetables. You will be surprised to know that many people face an allergic reaction from onions to strawberries. This is why it is essential to read the label or ask the shopkeeper about ingredients before you actually buy them. Make you buy the certified organic product which will not have any synthetic pesticide.

What if organic food products are not helpful?

Some patients consume the organic products but still, the allergy does not go away. In that case, the patient is allergic to that specific vegetable and fruit. This is known as oral allergy syndrome which means you are allergic to protein which is found in vegetables and proteins. With ayurvedic allergy medicine, you can get rid of the problem in the best way. You should consult the doctor to get allergy ayurvedic treatment.

Which fruits and vegetables can cause allergy?

Some fruits like bananas, kiwis, strawberry, pineapple, plum, hazelnut, peaches, celery, sunflower seeds, and zucchini. Some vegetables like cucumber, spinach, potato, carrot, cabbage, lettuce, and onion.

Checking the Issue

It is essential that the problem is carefully evaluated so that the treatment can start according to that. It might happen that the allergies come when you eat an apple but you are okay when you eat an apple pie. Every case of the patient is different so it is essential to know about the main problem and then start the treatment.

Do Not Ignore The Symptoms

Having itching is very common but what if it is indicating something big. Make sure you mention everything to the doctor so that all the possible risk and complications can be avoided. This will help the doctor tell you easily from where the issue is starting. If you want further information, then you should consult the doctor by visiting our hospital.

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