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What are the different reasons due to which Stress or Depression affect your Sex Drive?

Well, not everyone is aware of it stress or Depression affects the relation of couples because due to stress they are unable to do sex, Which leads to problems in life and also become a cause for divorce in couples.

The two nervous systems

Actually, all the humans have two nervous systems such as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In which the sympathetic nervous system is worked similarly as accelerator whereas the parasympathetic nervous system acts as a break, which means if you face any type of problems and challenges in life, then go with the sympathetic nervous system.

Moreover, when we face any type of problem in life then stress response is released in the body, due to which we face so many health conditions. These include you experience discomfort, your palms get sweaty, and you experience high rates of a heartbeat. We experience stress for a long time even after treating problems. This means you and your partner is not able to have sex with a stressful life. In this situation, you need to visit the sexologist in Ludhiana.

Fluctuation in hormones

Millions of people experience hormonal changes due to stress. Well, here we want to tell you about our personal experience, one of our patients tell us that she is leading a stressful life which is responsible for problems in her relationship. Her husband does not want to talk to her because she refused to do sex. Well, this only happens due to stress, because stress affects our hormones, due to which we experience changes in mood. This stress is responsible to stop the production of testosterone, which is actually a male hormone. And this hormone is useful for better sex drive in both genders.

Closeness is replaced by the absence

Hormonal changes are not only affecting your sex drive but also relational, social, and psychological factors are responsible, because stress hormone encourages you to fight with anyone or your partner, which directly affected your relation and sex life as well. In this situation, your closeness is replaced by absence means even if you are staying in one room but you are not happy together which affects your sex life.

What to do in order to reduce stress?

Go outside with your partner

You should for a picnic with your partner so that you can spend some quality time with your partner. Additionally, you should also talk to him or her and also discuss your problems and try to handle these problems together. Moreover, you should also share your feelings and thoughts with your partner, which is the best way to reduce stress.

Listen to music

Music is the best way to relieve stress and you should listen to your favorite music or songs in order to change your mood. This is also useful to reduce deep stress and depression as well.

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