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What is Premature Ejaculation and what are its causes and treatments

Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Clinic: It is important to have pleasurable intercourse for both men and women to express their love and to stress free themselves from the anxieties of their work.

Premature ejaculation can prove to be a medical concern and can require the attention of the Sexologist in Ludhiana if you happen to live in that town.

Some of the causes of premature ejaculation are as follows

1)    Consumption of drugs – The level of damage drugs can cause to one’s sexual life or lives is evident in the statistical reports with the specialized doctors who are occupied with abundant cases of poor ejaculation due to drugs’ intake. These drugs can affect the sperm count, premature ejaculation or no erection at all.

2)    Drinking or smoking – Alcohol consumption can also affect men’s efficiency in sexual performance. Its intake is responsible for poor sperm count

3)    Guilt or anxieties – Another factor responsible for men’s genital issues like premature ejaculation is if they have been patients or are the patients of depression. Diseases like depression doent allow them to enjoy intercourse and its medications or sedatives can also lead to unhealthy sperms.

4)    The long time gap between last ejaculations – Men should be aware of the fact that long gaps between the last ejaculation can cause premature one in the next time. So they can perform the ejaculations little often to avoid this problem

5)    Trauma or a new partner – Men suffering from any traumas or having a new partner can lead them to premature ejaculation. Their mental fitnesss is directly related to their ejaculation process or timing.

The treatments are available with specialized doctors and one can resort to them if they happen to face the issues. These are:

1)    Avoid drugs and alcohol consumtion – Smoking practices, drugs  intake etc should be avoided to prevent issues related to PE

2)    Meditation- Yoga or Mediatition relieves the mental stress and one can perform the intercourse healthily.

3)    Counseling- Sessions with a counselor and some behavioral therapies will help.

4)    Use of condoms- Condoms delay the orgasm and ejaculation as they reduce the sensation of the penis.

5)    Prescribed exercises – Your doctor can recommend certain exercises especially for this purpose which has to be done to see the improvement.

6)    Be careful with certain medicines – Antidepressants can cause issues with the ejaculation process so one should be careful with its intake.

Some of the techniques like start-stop techniques, squeezing techniques,Kegels exercises prove to be the remedial measures for treating premature ejaculation. These are as  easy to practice as they are equally effective.


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