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Piles – What To Eat In Such A Condition?

People with piles suffer a lot. There is pain and bleeding when you pass stools in such a condition.If not treated properly, it can lead to aggravation and a lot more discomfort. Piles treatment is a combination of the prescribed medicine and dietary restrictions. Heres a look at his and whys of the pile diet –

1. Opt for Fibre-but which kind is recommended?

All of us know that we have to include fibers in our diet. But all fiber is not suitable for all the conditions. There are two types of fiber,soluble and insoluble both should be in an appropriate proportion for a piles patient. While soluble fiber gets dissolved with water, something like a paste, the insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve. An apt example of the former is oats while the latter can be signified by a piece of lettuce. From the 25-30 gms of fiber, you should have every day,about one-third should be soluble.

2. Hydration

Drink about 8-10 large glasses of water daily.It will boost your metabolism and cure constipation.

3. Nuts and Beans

Include almonds, lentils, beans in your diet on a daily basis. They will give you vitality, energy, and good fats. Of course, they will help you with your condition.

4. Ditch the processed foods

Give the refined foods a break and stock up your kitchen with whole grain fiber in the form of flour, buckwheat,cornmeal etc. Oats are a wholesome nutritious choice and score many points over plain white bread.

Colorful Diet

Include as many fruits and vegetables as you can in your diet. Opt for the bright colored berries, green or black grapes,bright red tomatoes, and leafy green vegetables. Have them in a fresh form and don’t overcook the vegetables as this results in the loss of nutrients. Sprouts and green peas are also recommended.Snack on vegetables and fruits with high water content-cucumbers, watermelons etc. It’s a good idea to supplement every meal with a fruit or a vegetable portion. If you have a sweet tooth, give in to your cravings in a healthy way- fish out apricots and dates from your store instead of chocolates or cakes.

Avoid dairy products, processed foods,and white bread and replace them with their plant-based or whole grain counterpart respectively

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