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Piles Treatment With Herbal Remedies and Life Style Changes

What Is Actually Meant By Piles?

Piles are referred to the situation when the veins of the anal get swollen and these swollen veins are a hindrance in the defecation. This results in bleeding hand are painful sometimes the situation is worsened that it starts discharging prolapses. This situation is not only painful but also embarrassing for a human being. That is why people feel ashamed while visiting the doctor and discussing the problem with a doctor. But there is nothing to feel ashamed about it is a normal human problem and must be diagnosed fast.

Symptoms of Piles:

Below are some symptoms of piles

  1. Constipation
  2. Bleeding
  3. Discharge of prolapses
  4. Pain and itching in the anal region
  5. Discharge of mucus

Since it is painful and must be diagnosed fast so there are certain herbal remedies also available for the diagnosis of piles which are

  1. Varuna
  2. Trikatu
  3. Haridra
  4. Black pepper
  5. Ginger roots
  6. Pippali
  7. Amlaki
  8. Vacha

Treating the problem with the help of herbal remedies could be more beneficial for the person and hence a person could attain relief from the problem for a long period of time. Piles are generally caused by constipation and these herbal remedies will help the person to overcome the problem of piles because it avoids constipation. The excess of pain and inflammation faced by the person during the time of Piles is reduced by the help of these herbal remedies. So it is soothing and effective for the person.

These products are generally found in the Ayurvedic medicines of Piles which help to cure the problem, so it is better for the person to use the products directly because in the case of medicines also the intake will be of these products only.

There is a requirement for a change in lifestyle and eating habits of the person who is suffering from piles to overcome the problem of piles. These changes in the lifestyle and eating habits of the person are:

  1. Dry, Heavy, cold and stale food should be avoided by the person
  2. The person should not consume pickles
  3. Spicy foods must be totally avoided
  4. Pastries, jams, canned and packed food must also be avoided
  5. Alcoholic products should be totally avoided
  6. A Person must eat more of radish, carrot, fruits, etc.

If the person takes good care of all these things it is possible that he may overcome the problem of piles.

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