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Piles Can Become a Threat! Eliminate Them Safely With Ayurveda

Piles are also known as ‘Haemorrhoids’, swellings that develop gradually. They are normally painless and small in the beginning but can enlarge and as well become painful. At this stage, they develop additional complications that can make your life a living hell.

Facts About Haemorrhoids You Shouldn’t Ignore

  • Piles are categorized into internal and external piles
  • There are various degrees of piles and these include; First-degree piles, Second-degree piles, and Third-degree piles.
  • Piles are swellings and consist of blood vessels within the lining of the anal canal
  • Piles normally clear themselves, but in other cases, they can only enlarge and even start releasing blood.

What Can Make You Develop Piles?

What Can Make You Develop Piles?

A number of factors can lead to piles development in individuals and these include;

  • Poor dietary habits
  • Prolonged constipation
  • Physical inactiveness
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy lifting
  • Low water intake
  • Ageing

Types of Piles You Must Know

Although piles are generally internal or external, their severity differs as per the degree;

First-Degree Piles

One can have first-degree piles, but fail to notice them since they are quite small. First-degree piles are located right inside the anus and are associated with minor discomfort.

Second-Degree Piles

This type of piles occurs as though pea-sized swellings outside the anus once after a bowel movement. They are associated with bleeding which occurs in drops and can cause discomfort while passing stool. A patient may experience a certain degree of itching and mucous secretion.

Third-Degree Piles

This is the last type of piles and quite complicated. These are swollen blood vessels, enlarged and generally permanently stay outside the anus.

How Are Piles Treated Ayurvedically?

A patient will have to visit an Ayurvedic expert to identify the exact type of piles. Triphala Churna is an Ayurvedic drug mixed in a glass of lukewarm water and taken orally to relieve constipation.

Abhayarista is another drug that works by relieving constipation too. The doctor may also prescribe Kankayan Vati, Arshoghnivati, and Ayurvedic ointments or oils.

In case the piles fail to respond to the immediate drugs, the doctor can recommend any Ayurvedic surgical approach of eliminating piles. This is generally done in case the piles are extensively big, swollen, painful, and release blood. Removing the piles can help one permanently get rid of them and live a better life.

Can Piles Be Prevented?

Although the exact cause of piles is unknown, Ayurvedic doctors believe that individuals can abide by several measures to prevent themselves from developing piles;

  • Drinking enough water
  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Adopting better dietary measures
  • Exercising
  • Treating constipation rightly as soon as possible

Ayurvedic treatments for piles are safe and effective and associated with no side effects.

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