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Oral Health Linked to Sexual Health

We all know how important is to maintain good oral hygiene. If we don’t take proper care then it can lead to various health problems. A new study shown has shown that men who are suffering from the issue of gum disease will suffer from the problem-related to sexual health.

The latest research used the data of around 33000 men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Further, it had men around 1,62,000 men without erectile dysfunction (impotence). Around 12% of the men were facing the problem of periodontitis (inflammation of the gum), around 27% of men were suffering from erectile dysfunction, and around 9% did not have this issue.

The inflammation of the gum because of poor oral hygiene can damage the endothelial cells which form the lining of the blood vessels and it also includes the penis. The endothelial damage in the body will affect the blood flow which eventually affects sexual health. This is because the size of the coronaries is about 25% the size of blood vessels to the penis. Moreover, it might also indicate that you are facing the issue of heart problem and vascular disease. If you are facing problem then you should consult the sex problem specialist.

Additionally, after 5 years consulting the patient’s doctors found that gum disease is more prevalent in men who are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction. The problem was more prominent in men who are linked with gum disease and especially in those who are more than the age of 30 and older than 70.

The study also found that once the inflammation in the gum is solved the problem of ED (erectile dysfunction) is also reduced. So it is also essential that you visit the sexologist in Ludhiana as soon as possible to start the treatment.

It takes just a few minutes to clean the teeth but if you do not spend time on oral hygiene than it will negatively impact your overall health. There are some ways in which you can reduce gum inflammation:

  • You should daily brush as well as floss your teeth. It would be even better if you brush after every meal.
  • You should not use the smoking product or chew tobacco.
  • You should also properly brush your tongue as they also have a build up of bacteria.
  • To reduce plaque build up you should properly rinse your mouth by using a mouthwash.
  • Every four months you should replace the toothbrush.
  • In addition to this, make frequent visit to the doctor for checkup and cleaning.

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