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Morning Routine According To Ayurveda for a Better day

If you believe in morning mantra ‘rise and shine’, then you might have something to gain from the approach of Ayurveda. The choices that any person makes as they start his daily routine will build up the strength to fight with the disease or tear it down. They say that you should follow all the morning rituals and start your daily routine early. By doing this, it will help you keep a balance of body and mind, as well as it brings discipline in your life. If you even adopt one practice for a month it will definitely make a huge change.

  • Wake up Early

Ayurvedic Tips include to get up early in the morning before the sun rises. It will bring peace of mind and freshness to the senses. After you wake up, look at your hands for a few moments. Gently move them over your face and till the waist. By doing this, it cleans the aura.

  • Clean the face, mouth, and eyes

You should clean your face with cold water and rinse your mouth. Gently massage your eyelids and blink your eyes seven times. After that, rotate your eyes in all directions.

  • Drink water in the morning

Then drink a glass of water from a pure copper glass. This flushes the kidneys and stimulates peristalsis. You should avoid drinking tea or coffee at the start as it is not a good practice.

  • Clean your teeth and tongue

You should scrape the entire surface of the tongue at least 7 to 14 times. This helps in improving digestion, remove dead bacteria, and stimulates the internal organs. Use a soft toothbrush and a bitter toothpaste to clean the teeth. The traditional way to clean teeth is by using the neem stick.

  • Oil drops

Put oil drops in the ears (Karana Purana) and nose (Nasya). Put 3 drops of warm ghee into the nose in the morning. For ears, put 5 drops of sesame oil to prevent any type of problem. There are different natural ayurvedic medicine to cure any disease which you can obtain from an ayurvedic centre in Punjab.

  • Abhyanga

Apply warm oil on the head and body very gently. According to Ayurveda, it prevents headache, baldness, receding hairline, and graying of hairs. Applying hair before bedtime will give you sound sleep and it keeps the skin soft.

  • Bathing

It refreshes and cleans the body. Basically, it brings clarity to the mind and peace in your life. You should wear clean clothes as it brings beauty and virtue.

  • Meditate

In the morning and evening mediate for at least 15 minutes as it brings balance and peace to body and mind.

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