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Learn More About Joint Pain Treatment With Ayurveda

India is recurrently termed as the land of medicine and indeed, it is filled with magical medicines.  For those who have failed to get rid of joint pain with any other means, Ayurveda may be your last chance and it is high time that you tried out the medicine.

So, What is This Mother Nature- Ayurveda?

So, What is This Mother Nature- Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a medical practice in India with over 3000 years old and it is still being used to treat a number of diseases. This particular treatment approach involves a number of medicines accompanied by ceremonies, meditation, yoga, among others.

Ayurveda originated in India and it has spread to several countries generally taken to be a holistic treatment. It is also believed to be the oldest medicine ever known to mankind.

Treating Joint Pain With Ayurveda

Treating Joint Pain With Ayurveda

Joint pain is generally a progressive condition and commonly affects both males and females. The commonest causes of joint pain spring from arthritis, a condition that one obtains as he or she advances in age.

Other common causes of joint pain include injuries, fractures, or any underlying condition that must be treated. A patient will be diagnosed and treated as per the diagnostic results.

Treating joint pain with Ayurveda may involve Panchakarma treatments. Panchakarma is basically a treatment approach that focuses on detoxifying the body, mind, and soul. The term Pancha simply means five, whereas karma means treatment.

The five treatments in Panchakarma include;

  • Nasya- an approach where the medicine is applied through the nostrils
  • Basti- an approach that involves medicated enemas
  • Vamana- It is therapeutic vomiting
  • Virechana- involves purgation
  • Rakthamoksha- involves blood cleansing & purification

You will be given herbal medicines that you will have to eat or drink. The doctor will also provide several instructions to follow at home in order to help you eliminate the pain.

Your treatment approach will basically depend on the severity of the condition and the prevailing symptoms.

Why Use Ayurveda for Joint Pain?

Why Use Ayurveda for Joint Pain?

Ayurveda is a safe and effective treatment for joint pain and it is associated with no side effects. Unlike a number of joint pain treatment approaches that may involve surgical intervention, Ayurveda eliminates every possibility of surgery.

Ayurveda also offers an immediate relief from the pain you recurrently deal with. When used as recommended, the results are reliable and long lasting.

The treatment approach may also require to take up yoga classes as the doctor may find suitable.


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