100% Herbal Ayurvedic Joint Pain Treatment In Punjab

Joints are vital parts of the body, and in case injured or inflamed, they can cause immobility and pain. Joint pain can arise from a number of conditions that even include medical complications.

Some of the joints on the human body include the knees, the hips, the wrist, the elbows, the shoulder joints among others.

Notable Causes of Joint Pain
Joint pain, discomfort, soreness, and tenderness can be triggered by;

Arthritis “Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

OA and RA are the commonest causes of joint pain. Osteoarthritis is generally a degenerative form of arthritis and strikes in the late 40s and onwards.

Injuries Or Accidents
Severe injuries and accidents can lead to joint pain which tends to aggravate with time. Early detection of a fracture or any abnormality can help lessen the amount of pain. Other causes of joint pain include;

  • Inflammation
  • Degeneration
  • Leukemia
  • Sprains & Strains

Common Symptoms of Joint Pain

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Tenderness
  • Fever
  • Weakness

The Efficacy of Joint Pain Treatment With Ayurveda

Dr. Arjun Sharda and Dr. Mukesh Sharda have handled and treated a wide range of joint problems at Medilife Ayurveda Hospital. These range from mild to severe cases, thanks to their incomparable Ayurvedic knowledge.Generally, the Ayurvedic specialists explain that joints are vital parts of the body and in case of a disease, injury, or fracture, they cease to function as they ought to. The major importance of the joints is to provide motion.The knee, the hip, the elbow, the shoulder, and the finger joints are some of the essential joint regions one must recognize on his body. The commonest cause of joint pain as per the Ayurvedic expert is known as arthritis followed by other factors.

At Dr. Sharda Ayurveda hospital, you can get effective joint pain treatment in Punjab,India with a success rate of 96%. We generally treat each joint problem depending on its severity.

  • Mild joint pain is generally treated in a few weeks and after this period, your treatment may be altered as the doctor may find necessary.
  • Moderate joint pain is treated within 1 to 2 months and any medicinal alterations are possible.
  • Severe joint pain is normally treated in a period of 3 to 6 months. Specialized treatment measures are prioritized during all treatment phases.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Joint Pain

Treating joint pain with an Ayurvedic approach is an individualized process. A patient is first of all diagnosed and evaluated as per the symptoms. The doctor may also require an X-ray or an MRI before treatment.
Any treatment approach will aim at balancing the vata, which causes the inflammation and pain. Your treatment approach is influenced by the severity of the joint condition.
Other treatment approaches include massaging the joint with enriched oils or other herbs. Applying the medicated paste on the diseased joint is another treatment approach.


Is Ayurvedic treatment is permanent cure for joint pain
Well, Ayurvedic medicines work best to cure and root out the joint pain but it is just remedial approach depending on the nature and extent of problem but not as such guarantee has been given for the treatment.

What happens in Ayurvedic treatment?
Ayurvedic medicines combined with some joint exercises and therapies help to give natural and gradual relief from stiffness, swelling and joint pain. You can get rid from taking pain killers on daily basis and can do comfortable and easier movements. Even Ayurvedic medicines can help in maintaining the healthy joints afterwards.

How long I have to continue Ayurvedic medicines?
Herbal products of Ayurveda are best of breed and give you beat results. In 1-2 weeks you can feel some relief from joint pain. Continuity of these medicines totally differ from person to person as the doctors recommend to take treatment depending on the nature and extent of problem so it will be hard to said anything about duration of Ayurvedic treatment but in few weeks as surely you can notice great relief.

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