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Is There Any Connection Between Old Age And Joint Pain?

Studies and even the experts have time to time given the evidence of the deep relation of joint pain and aging. Normally it has been believed that after the age of 40, people can face difficulty in performing their day to day activities due to joint problems and these problems can be severe and mild. As studies have revealed that after the age of 40, it is normal that our bones get affected due to natural degeneration so with the age bones also get older and weak so it is normal if you have joint pain in the age of 40 or above.

Effect of age on bones

With the age, our bones lose their mass and density so they even get affected by the deficiency of calcium and minerals with our growing age. The following can be the effects of age on bones which lead to pain in the joints

  1. Our bones become brittle and become more prone to fractures
  2. Hip and knee joints lose their cartilage with the age
  3. With the age, the person may lose mineral content from vertebrae which make our spine as a result of which spinal column become compressed and curved.
  4. Stiffness and loss of flexibility in joint are the common effects of age
  5. The person may witness the reduction in the length of the trunk
  6. Age can also lead to the shrinkage of muscle fibers so lean body mass get reduced.

Common joint aches and pain that can appear in old age

  1. Osteoarthritis is the common joint issue that appears in old age and in this condition patient may feel pain in joints of hand, knees, and hips.
  2. It is common to have muscle strains and sprains in old age due to weakness
  3. Old aged people may feel lower back pain
  4. Non-arthritis joint pain, neck pain, knee pain are also common to have in old age.
  5. In the old age, patients may feel the gradual and slow loss of normal structure and function of the spine means it is the degenerative disc disease.
  6. Bone spurs are also the common condition of joint problem in old age

Hence it is clear that in old age person may have many kinds of joint issues so all these must not be ignored as otherwise these conditions of joint problems can get worse so meet the orthopedic doctor today to get the appropriate solution for your aging based joint problem.

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