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Is My Addiction Bad Enough?: When to Go to Rehab – De-Addiction Centre

Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Clinic – De-Addiction Centre : Every addict has trouble coming to terms with his addiction. Yet it is the first step towards solving your problem. Accepting that you are addicted is the first step you can take to get rid of the habit that threatens your very existence.

How to recognize the severity of the addiction

De addiction Centre in Ludhiana wishes to highlight the symptoms of addiction. Your addiction is severe if your health and relationships are being negatively influenced by substance abuse. Given below are the indications of severe addiction –

  1. Loss of control over the body
  2. Desire to quit the use of substance but unable to do so
  3. Spending a major portion of time in procuring the substance
  4. The feeling of craving for the substance
  5. Problems in handling relationships

6.Loss of interest in general

  1. Showing withdrawal symptoms
  2. Continuous deterioration of the situation
  3. Use of a high quantity of substance
  4. Lack of sense of responsibility

Depending upon how many symptoms you show from the list, your addiction can be marked as mild or severe. If you find that you show 2-3 criteria, you suffer from a mild addiction.


Addiction and friends

  1. You might be experiencing the signs mentioned above but your friends refuse to acknowledge it, then what to do? It all depends on who these friends are and whether they are addicted or not. The friends who themselves are addicted will never acknowledge your addiction. On the other hand, a true friend will make you see the truth.


  1. Probably you might be dealing with a group of friends who don’t know anything about your addiction. They might react with a negative response as they might think it is too bad to be true. It is time you became honest with them.


  1. They might not be telling you the truth because they might be scared of the reaction they get after an honest reply. Don’t leave the matter in the hands of your friends. Visit a doctor or a mental health expert for getting freedom from addiction.


Repercussions of ignoring your addiction

Don’t ignore the addiction. It will only worsen with time and wreak havoc on your mental health. If you are not careful enough, your addiction can get worse. True, a mild diagnosis is not as bad as a severe one but the progressive disease might take a few days to convert from mild to severe. Don’t ignore the fact that addiction is like a chronic disease. If you are not able to treat yourself in the first stages, then you can’t expect to be healthy later on. Don’t wait to sink to the bottom, seek to rise at the correct time.

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