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The increase in sexual strength in men by these common Ayurvedic herbs

Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Clinic: We often rush to sex problems specialist for any problems related to it without increasing that we have natural remedies to treat them also .

These natural remedies are in the form of Ayurveda herbs which increases your sexual strength . You don’t have to worry to visit a Sexologist in Ludhiana if you feel lack of sexual strength for your intercourse.

All other problems like stress, frustration , lack of confidence etc arising out of sexual deficiency will go away. Ayurveda basically helps in dealing with such problems and increases the libido drive for intercourse. The medicines prescribed in this are known to affect root problem directly without any side effects . made up of natural herbs, they help you recover from your condition in time

  These are the Ayurvedic herbs known to increase your sexual strength

  • Ashvagandha

Take 2 grams of this powdered herb daily  and you will see your nervous system getting improved  and stress levels going down which is important to have better sex . This herb produces Nitric oxide In men by which the blood vessels that carry the blood to the genitals are dilated which increases your sex drive

But you have to make sure that you consult your doctor if you are taking this herb in medicinal o r powdered form if you happen to be a patient of BP too.


  • Shatavari

Taking this herb on regular basis will let you have prolonged erection as well as desire for it . Though mostly consumed by females to regulate their hormones and improve their reproductive system , its benefits are taken by men too as when they consume it they see enhancement in their sperm production and sperm quality.


  • Kaunch

This herb either taken in its original form or medicinal form is known to treat premature ejaculation . It has multiple other benefits like increase in libido drive in men , increasing stamina and reducing strength along with reducing the chances of impotency. It leads to the increasing levels of testosterone and sperm strength in those men who have thin watery sperm.


  • Talmakhana

The circulation of your blood to your genitals is increased with consumption of talmakhana . They treats problems like poor sperm quality and premature ejaculation.The sperm quality is thicker after its consumption which treats the fertility issue in men.


  • Shilajit

Men with erection problems are treated or even cured with consumption of Shilajit . The blood circulation to the penis  is efficient . Found in Himalayas and therefore an expensive herbs mineral drug , they help men to last longer in the bed.

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