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How to heal knee pain, in the most nature friendly way!!

We have seen many elderly people suffering from this horrible thing, known as knee pain. They slowly & silently go through the pain, without anyone much knowing about it. I myself know of so many people who had been active in their early years, playing Golf, running, practicing yoga (many yogic postures are not that easy to perform) being physically fit in every way one can think of. But, after some time, they have difficulty doing the slightest of physical work. It really is a pain seeing them like that.

The reasons for this unbearable pain are many, sometimes caused by overuse, many times due to sudden injury, arthritis or any other underlying condition.

It is very important to know the symptoms, to know the principal cause of ailment, so that the treatment can be done according. While a torn ligature requires you to get plenty of Rest, Ice, Compression and elevation (also called RICE), in arthritis you have to look after the rising levels of eruption.

Why avoid painkillers?

Why avoid painkillers?

Surgery is an option when the person has unbearable pain and no other way is working out. But, if we talk about avoiding and nursing of pain, there are a lot of options available in your home, to get it corrected… Yes, that’s quite right, in the comforts of your home; you can pretty well treat it. As, we all are aware that painkillers is not a very safe option to use. So what can be done? Well! Just look into your houses and use some home remedy. Given below is a list of some easy to find home items that can be used.

  1. Epsom salts

Epsom salts have many uses; they are use in fertilizers, leather tanning and many more things. They are a wonderful cure for muscle aches, swelling amongst other things. Full of Magnesium, they relax the muscles and also improve in circulation. There are many things that can be done, you can either soak in a bath made out of Epsom salt, if you wish to use it as a poultice, and you will still get the maximum benefits, what to do? Nothing much, just make a paste, wrap it on your knee allowing a time of not more that 20 minutes to half an hour before cleaning it.

  1. Hot hot and cool cool

This works best in case of a knee pain, while heat can relax and sooth, allowing muscles to rest and unstiffen, also helps in strengthening blood flow.

Cold, on the other hand will work on swelling.  Knee tension and pain will reduce to quite an extent.

  1. Move your body a bit

This is probably the last thing on your mind, but regular stretching of knee and a little bit of exercise can work wonders, in treating the pain. The pain will reduce to a conservable extent if exercised regularly, but , please keep this in mind that only certain exercise scan be done, so please know the know how’s of what has to be done under some expert.

  1. Turmeric

This is found in all our households, I love it to the extent that can have it raw, also. But, talking about having in Knee pain, read along to see, how to use it & get benefitted from it.

Turmeric again works on swelling; we have also seen patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis having not more than 2 grams of Turmeric, experiencing relief from pain but also their mobility levels

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