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How Effective is Ayurvedic Treatment of Piles

What is Piles?

Piles is caused due to the swelling and inflammation of the veins. These veins are present in the rectum and the anus. Piles is also termed as hemorrhoids. The problem can be internal or external. The piles treatment is needed after the age of 45 and it is a very common problem.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Piles?

Piles can occur internally or externally in the body. Internal piles are not painful. In this, the person bleeds during the passage of hard stool. Internal piles can be classified into 4 grades i.e Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

External treatment can cause itching and you may experience swelling around the anus. External piles hurt and bleed also.

Other causes can be stress, constant heavy lifting,  lack of fiber in the diet, sedentary lifestyle and constipation.

One can know if they need piles treatment or not by certain factors:

  • Heavy bleeding from the anus
  • Swelling and itching around the anus
  • Mucus discharge
  • Excessive pain during bowel movements
  • Poor hygiene can also bring several infections

Is Ayurvedic Treatment Of Piles Effective?

There are different ways in which the piles treatment can be treated. One of such is ayurvedic treatment. Because all the medicines are made naturally by using a combination of different herbs.

The medicines prevent constipation. The piles can be cured by using asafoetida, cumin, ghee, buttermilk. By taking natural products and by following a balanced diet the problem can be solved.

Some of the other ways to treat the problem:

  • Soaked dried figs are one of the ayurvedic treatment of piles, it is the most effective way to solve the problem.
  • The patient should consume food which is best for digestion because a weak digestive system is more prone to such problems.
  • You should add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily routine.
  • Drink a lot of water so that the stool passes easily. Dehydration also triggers health issues in many ways.
  • Marjoram oil and rosemary oil is quite effective for the abdomen.
  • Detox water also improves digestion and treats piles.  Mix lemon, mint, ginger, and honey and drink it. You can prepare a drink according to your own taste by using fruits and other vegetables.

Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t have any side effects, that’s why it is effective and the problem can be solved easily.

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