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How can Yoga and Ayurveda Help in Combating High Blood Pressure?

People suffering from High Bp, hypertension please takes care of yourself. If you have any of the indications of having high bp, then you are advised some steps to bring it down. A lifestyle disorder also called a silent killer; you won’t come to know of its symptoms until it gets late. In case you are the one who doesn’t like taking medicines, then home remedies are what will work for you. Just a little twist in your lifestyle and you are done. Ayurvedic treatment in Blood pressure (high / low, doesn’t matter) works quite well.

It has been heard that Sarpagandha, Jatamansi, and Amalaki, taken by prescription of doctors does wonder. If the cause of High Bp is not taking food on a regular time, or having cold food from the refrigerator, then a piece of dry ginger will do wonders. If junk food is your weakness and you cannot do without it, then Malabar nut, Silk Cotton tree, or a green potato can come to your rescue.

In case stress is the cause, then have sandalwood, lotus, and Shatavari can help you get out of it.

Drumstick leaf juice along with honey is also a great remedy for hypertension.

One can also take Milk, with Garlic, morning leaf Juice along with a little bit of Honey, Amla and gokshura, Arjuna Bark Powder Decoction, Sarpagandha preparations and Brahmi and Giloy Shankapushpi to combat high BP.

Along with having all this, a little change in diet also ensures that you have a healthy bp. One should not have an excess of spices, sour, salty foods. Have more daals, wheat, fruits, Ghee, Milk, on should consume fresh, warm food and avoid binge eating. Avoid oil and fats, as much as possible. Drink as much water as you can, have green vegetables, along with Flaxseeds, Sesame, Wheat Bran, and Beetroot.

Along with all this practising yoga can also help in maintaining bp, to a greater extent. One should do pranayama, Shavasan, Anulom – vilom, Veerbhadrasan, Mayurasan, Bhujangasana along with Vajrasana. Practice meditation, also along with following these.

Certain lifestyle changes can also be made, one should avoid staying late night awake, and neither should one sleep right after having food, alcohol, smoking, tobacco is also considered very bad. One should make it a point to get up before sunrise, drink 2- 4 glasses of room temperature, meditating, doing yoga.

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