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Hip Osteoarthritis – Symptoms and Is Ayurvedic Treatment possible?

Osteoarthritis is a very common form of Arthritis, people of all age groups are seen suffering from it. The symptoms in everyone varies. In some people, the pain is more while to some other there is lesser pain. It can happen in any part of a body joint, but mostly it is found to be in hips, knees, spine, and hands.

There are many ways of treating Osteoarthritis. But the Ayurvedic treatment of Arthritis is found to be very popular amongst all other treatments. The main aim of treatment in Ayurveda is not just in reducing pain but also in improving the movement of the patient. Hence, it prevents the damage caused to the joints, relaxing the damaged tissues and bones and also in making the joints strong.

Ayurveda has many forms of getting rid of Osteoarthritis. It has a variety of massages, diet plan followed in Ayurveda is also completely different.  Let us have a closer look at how Ayurveda helps in healing the person. Ayurveda gives highly effective treatment for osteoarthritis.

Ayurvedic Theory Of Treating Osteoarthritis.

The Ayurvedic theory of treating Osteoarthritis involves doing an examination of the physical,  emotional, mental functions, lifestyle, food habits, social behavior ( basically looks into every aspect of life, required for survival ). Any malfunctioning in any of these areas leads to the occurrence of Osteoarthritis. Following are mentioned some herbs and some methods in Ayurveda which are used to cure the person:


This is one of the most common herbs used in treating joint pain. The plant is very effective in treating swelling of joints. The whole parts of the plant, which are the leaves, along with stem and seeds are used in treating joint pain. Its oil can also be used in getting relief from joint pain.


Is also very useful in treating joint pains. It has the properties of pain killer in them, which help in reducing severe pain. You can obtain its benefits by putting a tablespoon of  Ajwain in a tub of hot water and soak your feet in the same for 10 – 15 minutes. This is a very good way of getting relief from swelling and pain. Another thing which helps patients is by crushing the seeds of Ajwain and then making a paste out of it and then applying it on the affected areas. Even drinking  Ajwain water helps in patients easing the pain.


This involves the application of warm oil on the whole body. The massage is done by applying light pressure on the body. The duration of massage is for 45 minutes. The massage helps in improving strength. The diet prescribed for patients undergoing the massage is a very light semi-solid diet.

Yoga and Meditation

The easiest way of curing Osteoarthritis is Yoga and meditation. Meditation involves keeping the mind, body, and soul in a perfect balance. Mediation also helps in dealing with stress, which again is a cause of pain.

While meditation helps train the mind to be more happy and positive, yoga helps the person in curing the pain physically. Some of the asanas are very beneficial in curing osteoarthritis

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