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Health Problems that are caused by Alcohol Addiction

Consumption of alcohol is related to 60 different health conditions and all of them lead a negative impact on the body. Moderate and heavy drinking can lead to a negative impact on the body. The effect on alcohol can vary according to the amount they consume. In this guide, we will talk about the health problems caused by alcohol addiction.

We all know how alcohol can lead to a negative effect on the body and mind. If you drink on a regular basis then it will lead to various health problems. Here we are going to tell you about the problems that are caused because of alcohol addiction.

  • Heart disease

Drinking alcohol in excess can lead to a blood clot as well as a high level of cholesterol and fat in the body. Many studies have shown that people who smoke face problem of pumping blood to the heart and it also increase the chances of dying with a heart problem.

  • Anemia

This problem occurs when the body is not making red blood cells which help in transferring oxygen. This can result in inflammation and ulcer. In severe case, it can also make you skip a meal and your body will not have the required amount of iron.

  • Liver Damage

Our liver is helpful in removing the toxins from the body. But drinking too much alcohol will affect the liver as it kills all the liver cells which can lead to scarring known as cirrhosis. The person might also get a fatty liver disease which means the liver is not working.

  • Seizures

Drinking alcohol for the long term increase the chances of having epilepsy. Additionally, withdrawing alcohol after drinking it is heavy amount can lead to the issue of seizure. If you are facing any health-related issue then you should visit the doctor. Make sure you visit the de-addiction centre for alcohol addiction treatment.

  • Cancer

Many studies have clearly shown that heavy drinking of alcohol and different types of cancer are related. Use of alcohol damage the cells in the mouth, voice box, throat, and esophagus. It can lead to cancer in breast, liver, and intestine.

  • Gout

It is a type of arthritis which develops because of the buildup of uric acid in the joints. Gout can occur because of eating food which contains chemical purines which are found in red meat, alcohol, and shellfish.

  • Sleep

Drinking too much can also give you a problem having good-quality sleep. No doubt, once you drink it may knock you at night. But, eventually, the quality of sleep will be affected. People also complain about an increase in snoring and sleep apnea (breathing stops and starts).

  • Infections

Heavy drinking can also make the immune system to not able to fight with bacteria and virus.

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