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Getting Rid Of Back Pain With Ayurveda Is Easier Than You Think

One of the most common reasons people visit the Ayurveda clinic is to get the treatment for back pain. Even research has also shown that around 90% of people all over the world are going to suffer from this problem. No doubt, getting back pain treatment should be your priority as it affects the personal and your work because you are not able to concentrate on your work. For this, Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment is the best option as it gives you different options to effectively treat the issue. We have mentioned some ways which will definitely cure the issue.

  • Kati Basti

This option is one of the most unique ways to effectively treat the problem. The word Kati means the lower back and the basti means to hold. During the treatment, a flour dough is kept on the patients lower back and it is filled with warm oil. Once it gets cool, it is again replaced with warm oil so that the temperature is maintained properly. With this, the blood circulation in increased relieves pain, improve movement, reduces stiffness, and relaxes the muscles.

  • Massage and Steam therapy

Abhyanga one of the traditional way of oil massage as it can relieve pain. During the massage, various ayurvedic herbal oils are used. When the oil is absorbed in the skin it will provide nourishment to the body. Once the massage is done, the patient will get steam therapy so that the muscles can relax as well as they become soft. Steam therapy is considered best to treat the problem of back pain in the most effective way.

  • Herbal Supplements

In Ayurveda, there are herbs which can reduce the inflammation and pain because of back pain. You should consult the doctor before taking any ayurvedic medicine. One of the options is using the castor oil as it helps in removing the excess data. Another popular herb is Dashamula as it is made by using ten different herbs. In most cases, doctors recommend taking Ashwagandha. It helps in relieving pain, nourishment and rejuvenate your body. One herb which is obtained from the tree is Guggulu as it also contains inflammatory properties and helps in reducing the pain.

  • Changing the diet

Ayurveda always suggests that you should consume food properly as it really makes the difference. You should avoid the food which is hard to digest such as coffee, milk, kidney bean, and pulses. You should consult the Ayurveda doctor as they will tell you properly which food will strengthen your immune system and nourish your body so that you get relief from back pain.

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