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Gall Stones Treatment With Ayurveda: How Effective Is It?

45% of individuals have gallstones but are unaware of it. According to Ayurvedic experts, gallbladder stones vary in sizes and depending on their size, they may trigger symptoms or not. When one develops gallstones, the effect can trigger an inflammation known as cholecystitis.

What Can Trigger These Gallstones?

What Can Trigger These Gallstones?

Generally, gallstones develop in case of an obstruction or a congestion in the flow of the bile. These gallstones are categorized into 3 types which include bile pigment stones, cholesterol stones, and mixed stones. The doctor can diagnose the type of gallstones depending on the symptoms, medical history, lifestyle among others.

Treating These Gallstones With Ayurveda

Treating These Gallstones With Ayurveda

Treating these gallstones is generally done with a combination of Ayurvedic herbs. Lithotriptic is considered an effective herbal medicine for expelling these stones from the body.

Dietary and lifestyle changes are also necessary to eliminate any chance for surgery.

Gallstones can be prevented by;
Taking a lot of water on a daily basis
Avoiding having heavy meals past 8:50 PM
Exercise on a regular basis
Your doctor may restrict you from certain foods like curd, sweet dishes among others

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