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What are the factors which cause Anorgasmia and the techniques to deal with it?

Anorgasmia: It refers to the inability to reach the desired amount of orgasm. Additionally, this issue is common in both men and women. Despite having sexual arousal and stimulation the person still does not get orgasm.

List of factors which can lead to Anorgasmia

  • Medications

Consumption of medications like antidepressants, cardiovascular, and antihistamines can affect the orgasm.

  • Medical disorder

The person who has diabetes or multiple sclerosis can also face issue while having sexual intercourse.

  • Gynecologic Disorder

Genital disorder and surgeries can also affect the capability of orgasm. In case, you are facing problem then visit the best doctor. If you are looking for the best Sexologist in Ludhiana then you can visit our clinic and consult the doctor.

  • Toxic habits

Anorgasmia is also caused by having alcohol or if you smoke. This is because it contains harmful substances which can affect sexual intercourse. Also, smoking also affects the blood supply in the entire body.

  • Stress and depression

Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, and depression can also lead to Anorgasmia. This thing affects the relationship in a negative way.

  • Fear of pregnancy

Sometimes one of the partners or both of them fears that they might get pregnant. No doubt, you might not be ready to have a child right now but this thing will lead to the issue.

  • Fear of getting the disease

In some cases, people fear that they might get a disease which can lead to an issue in life.

  • Having a fight in the relationship

Unhappy relationship or having conflicts affect your sexual life. In case, you are having you should talk to each and solve it rather than ignoring each other.


How to deal with Anorgasmia issue?

  • Visit the doctor

The very first step to solve this issue is by seeing a healthcare provider who specializes in sexual health. It might take some time but the doctor will let you know the exact cause and also the best treatment method. In case, you are taking any medication then that might be causing the issue. So, the doctor will change the medication to solve the issue.

  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You should live a healthy lifestyle, which means you should focus on eating a proper diet and also follow a proper workout routine. If you smoke then you should ask the doctor about ways to quit smoking and if you drink then cut back on its consumption also.

  • Try counseling

Your therapist will help you address the issue along with that he will also focus on conflicts you are having or anything which is causing a problem in your relationship.

Moreover, you should find ways to deal with stress and try to gather positive thoughts. You should do, yoga, deep breathing, or have a hot bath.

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