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Drug Addiction And Its Bad Effects

Craving (addiction) is a disease affecting the brain along with behavior. Once a person is addicted to drugs, they simply cannot abstain from using them, drugs become a part and parcel of their lives, the person, though know the harmful effects of drugs but cannot stop taking them.

Drug addiction is not just about having cocaine, heroin or other drugs. One also gets addicted to alcohol, nicotine, or even painkillers.

Addiction And Abuse

Drug abuse means having illegal substances in many ways, that shouldn’t be had. Even the regular dosage of medicines can cause drug abuse. Sometimes they make you feel good or let go of stress, or sometimes even make you run away from real life happenings.

Addiction means when you cannot stop. In spite of knowing the harmful effects, you keep having them.

Causes Of Drug Addiction

  • Genetics

How body and brain give a response to a specific drug is known by genetics. These can either slow down or speed the way the addiction happens.

  • Environment

Environment means health; education, values, and use of drugs are factors in first use for many people.

  • Genetics and Drug Addiction

By genetics is meant about 50% of drug and alcohol addiction risk.

Risk Factors

  • Genes

The addiction runs in many families in-case any of your relative has this addition then it is a possibility that you have it from him.

  • Mental Health Issues

If you have any mental health issues, you have a high chance of having it. Any issue like anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, Bipolar disorder, can affect the addiction.

  • Drug Addiction and Changes in the Brain

Drug addiction can majorly cause physical changes in the brain. Addiction transforms the way in which the brain gives a response to love, happiness, pleasure, changing specific nerve cells. Neurons talk to each other and also make moods and another impression with the help of chemicals known as neurotransmitters; hence drug addiction can alter how neurotransmitters work.

Drug addiction and the people suffering from it were earlier slandered as being weak, who did bad, not just to themselves but to societies well by choosing drugs over other things. But, this fails to report the biological changes which addiction activates in the body as well as the brain. It also dominates the problem of multimorbid, many people suffering from the abuse of drug also suffer from mental health problems; hence drugs to them act as self-medication.

  • Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine heals the body from inside out. It not only works on improving the person’s physical disease but also heals person mind and soul as well. The main aim is to bring to balance the doshas.  Ayurvedic Treatment of Drug Addiction means keeping the person away from the abuse of drugs and making him a healthy person.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Medicine for Drug Addiction includes the use of these things:

  • Panchakarma Therapies
  • Virechana
  • Rasayana Therapies
  • Yoga

So now we have come to know all about drugs, misuse of drugs, and also the treatment through Ayurveda, I hope you must have come to know the best way to Quit Drugs with Ayurveda.

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