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Does addiction last a lifetime?

Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Clinic Ludhiana: There is a myth about the addiction personality that for how long it can last. It all can depend on the kind of lifestyle you are having at present. There is a de addiction centre in Ludhiana which can help you to go through tough conditions and bear the results of the addiction.

The myth of the addictive person

The recent studies depicts that there is a very common myth among people about the addictive person that using alcohol and cannabis, cannot be controlled and responsible manner and thus lead to the negative results. On the other hand it is also true that forcefully impressed on people who smoke and drink a lot is not the perfect solution but rather you should try to avoid the unnecessary party and occasion on which you usually used to have drink. It can improve you to lessen the intake of alcohol in your body. I have learned a lot more points from the studies that to apply logic is much easier when it comes to addiction recovery.

Recovery may improve the situation

According to the big institutions, there are several factors on which the condition can be depending such as genetic and environmental factors which could allow for alcohol consumption. As compared to those who do not recover from SUD, people who recover have less than half the risk of developing a new SUD. Contrary to this it can also be achieved through the remission of drug and the substitution which can be gained is divided. The issue is also that semantics have narrowly or widely addictions and these can be solved by the Rehabilitation.

People do grow and change also

It is true that some people do grow and make many noticeable changes in them. These changes and growth helps them to improve the quality of their life. This is probably based on their combination of hard work and will power. It is very rightly said that where there is a will there’s a way because without having a will power you never can make any change in yourself. Also a few time sit is quite possible that some of the risks related to your health makes you more aware about the importance of your health.


It can be concluded that addiction might be there for quite a longer time but it is not right to say that lifetime you can have this addiction. Because with time it is possible to reduce the addiction of any alcohol or smoking and to deal with the problem is very essential. It is better to deal with it at the initial phase only.


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