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Do You Have Arthritis Pain? Here Are The Basic Ayurvedic Herbs To Help You Out

Arthritis pain is common among elderly people and you can end up battling several joint pain cases during certain seasons, especially in the winters. Although joint pain can be caused by several factors, most elderly men and women have joint pain due to arthritis.

What is Arthritis & Why Do I Battle With It?

Arthritis is also known as an inflammation of the joints. This joint disease can occur due to overuse, aging effect, or injury. It can also affect one or more joints on the body.

One’s risk for arthritis increases in case he or she is aged 50 and above. However, joint pain can occur even in relatively younger patients. Common symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, joint pain, swelling, reduced range of motion e.t.c.

Do You Have Arthritis? Here are the best essential Ayurvedic herbs to relieve you from pain;

#1- Ajwain

Ajwain contains a reliable amount of anti-inflammatory components as well as anesthetic properties, that help relieve you from the arthritis pain. To use this herb, get a spoonful of ajwain and add it in a tub of hot water. When relatively warm, soak your painful joints in the water for at least 20 minutes.

If not that way, you can simply make a paste of these seeds and then apply it on the affected joints. If not that way, you can also choose to drink ajwain on a regular basis.

#2- Nirgundi

We are at least sure that it won’t be too difficult to get the Nirgundi herbs as they are so common. This drug is commonly used to offer respite and also reduce swelling in the joints. The Nirgundi leaves are generally known to possess a higher degree of medicinal properties, that include; anti-convulsing, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-oxidant properties.

If not the leaves, you can use the stem or the seeds for medicinal purposes. Nirgundi oil is also another option for those who may not desire to make a paste.

#3- Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil is another excellent Ayurvedic treatment approach for arthritis pain. Consider this oil in case you have swelling and pain in the joints. Eucalyptus oil is also used to improve brain health and function.

#4- Dashmool “ten roots”

This isn’t a single herb, but rather a mixture of different Ayurvedic herbs to offer optimal results. Dashmool basically contains five types of medicinal shrubs and five types of medicinal roots. Altogether, these are certainly effective anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs.

This Ayurvedic herb contains anti-oxidant and sedative properties that help to cure a number of joint problems.

Other effective Ayurvedic herbs you will have to consider include Shallaki and Ginger. We clearly suppose that ginger is easily obtainable from markets.

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