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Depression – Causes, Signs and Ayurvedic Treatment

Depression, in Ayurveda, is defined as ‘Vishada’. No doubt depression is a psychological disorder, but, it affects the body also in many ways. It affects you in every way possible.


There are various causes for depression to occur. Let us get to know some of them:

  • Long-term pain disorders

Long-term conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and other such diseases make the person go into a depressive state of mind.

  • Transformative changes in life

The events can be some one’s passing away, going through a divorce, work-related things, relations with loved ones not going on smoothly, financial issues, long-term illness or anything which makes you stressful

  • Any head injury

Head injury increases the chances of having depression.

  • The nature of a person

Those who are unsuccessful or have negative thinking are more likely to get into the depressive mood.

  • Genes

If any of your first family members had it, then you are also bound to suffer from it.

Symptoms of Depression :

  • Frequently remaining sad.
  • Losing interest in activities which once were loved
  • Getting irritated and agitated at the slightest of things.
  • No interest in eating anything
  • Low self-esteem
  • Felling of shame and guilt

Follow These Ayurvedic treatment For Depression

Pudina (Peppermint)

Peppermint or Pudina( as it is called in the Indian subcontinent), is used for treating disorders related to nervous systems. Peppermint has menthol in it, which helps to calm the

Pudina has menthol that keeps your mind calm the worn down nerves and also has a cooling effect. It has plenty of Vitamin A present in it along with vitamin C, minerals like Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Folate, Copper, and Potassium are also present in abundance. Menthol helps those who have issues in sleeping, and also in keeping the mind in peace.

Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Jatamansi is known to be an eternal herb, which again helps people fall asleep. It has properties which are good in antidepressant, anti-stress and also anti-fatigue. The roots of this wonder herb are known to cure mood swings, along with stress disorders.


Ashwagandha helps restore normal physiological functioning. It is said that Ashwagandha eases stress and anxiety, because of the presence of some compounds like steroid lactones, alkaloids, and many other things. All of these work as an antidepressant, and anti-anxiety properties. All these help in reducing stress which is caused by emotional and physical fatigue.


Brahmi is a herb, which is said to be a boon for all those suffering from depression and stress. It helps the body in adapting to new or stressful things. Whoever takes it, the serotonin level of that person shoots up, helping the mind is at peace.

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