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Dealing With Asthma, In The Most Natural Way

Asthma is a long-term disease of the air passage, of lungs causing the person no stop cough, painfulness in the chest along with shortness in breathing. Some home remedies along with lifestyle changes and natural therapies help in bringing about huge changes in the treatment of asthma.

How does asthma evoke?How does asthma evoke?
• Genetic factors
This is one of the topmost causes of asthma; it mostly runs in the family.
• Certain medications, such as aspirin
Aspirin is also one of the leading causes to cause this disease; Aspirin has been banned in many places
• Physical Activity (exercise-induced asthma)
Too much of activity can also cause asthma to trigger.
• Respiratory infections
In case you already are suffering from respiratory infections.

How does one come to know of having Asthma?How does one come to know of having Asthma?
There are various signs that reflect the possibility of asthma. Some of the most common symptoms are described below: Some most common symptoms of asthma are:
• Cold
• Chest tightness
• A frequent cough at night
• Wheezing
• Shortness of breath

How can Ayurveda help the person?How can Ayurveda help the person?
The Panchakarma treatment of Ayurveda proves effective in removing the doshas of the Pitta and Kapha, along with disease-causing factors while providing the body with the much-needed lubrication.
Asthma is also referred to being called as “ shwas rog’. The gap between the three energies of the body – called Kapha, Vata, and Pitta results in major health issues. Build up of complicated Kapha dosha in airways causes asthma to occur.
The Panchakarma treatment of Ayurveda is very effective in throwing out dohas of Pitta, Kapha, and not to forget the disease-causing factors and giving much-needed grease.

Easy Ayurveda remedies for Asthma Treatment:Easy Ayurveda remedies for Asthma Treatment:

It is one of the best ways of treating asthma. You just have to take a teaspoon of Honey in hot water, two times a day, else one teaspoon of Honey mixed with Cinnamon powder before bedtime.

Juice made out of Ginger, Pomegranate, along with Honey, besides being yummy is also a very effective way to keep Asthma at bay.

Soak dried figs in water, a night before having, and have it the next morning, empty stomach. You can have the water also.

Onions are filled with anti swelling properties, help in clearing air passages. It can be in any form, raw, or cooked. A person having Asthma should have more of Onions.

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