We generally read the line written on walls or posters that smoking is injurious to health which is 100% true also but some people are there who ignore such statements and do whatever they like to do. They get indulge in smoking due to their personal or social reasons and become active or passive smokers.
Before initializing smoking they remain oblivion about the fact that their smoking habit can be fatal for them and it can be difficult for them to quit this habit so soon they become adductors of it.

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Following are some side effects of smoking

  • Person who is either passive or active smoker that can have great chances for catching by lung cancer or lungs infection
  • Such persons generally have cold hands and feet
  • Smoking can give breathing problem to persons as it directly affects the lungs of person who smokes and also to the person who is in the contact of that person while smoking
  • Smokers can have problem of hypertension and fast heart rate.
  • Smoking can also cause yellowish teeth and bad odour while breathing
  • It can also be reason for ulcers and mouth cancer.