Gutkha or betel nut increase the energy flow so also used as recreational drug in many areas but according to national institute of health excessive intake of it can make you addicted for it and even cause sedation. Some people chew gutkha as they are not aware about its side effects and even not known about its addiction.

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Smack addiction has following side effects

  • Smack addiction can change the appetite and sleeping pattern of person
  • Person may have sudden changes in his weight either gained or loss
  • Its addiction drop out the functioning and capability of person
  • Its addiction affects the brain of person and snatch his power of thinking and decision making
  • As a long term effects person may experience anxiety and depression
  • Unusual smell catch the person as he may smell unusual odor from breathing, body and even from clothing
  • It can be abused in many ways like powder and even smoked so affects accordingly but its addiction puts the person in great trouble