Our experience of plenty of years and great research work enables us to set standards for others as our skilled and experienced doctors utilize their skills to provide best treatment for any kind of addiction and to leave the patient with best health afterwards. We believe in traditional and natural huge healing system so we provide best herbal medicines that are totally safe for patients and highly effective for de-addiction.

We offer herbal medicines for any kind of addiction like alcohol, smoking, Charas, Gutka etc. these medicines are easy to consume and effective to control the urge of patient for any addiction. Our highly effective herbs based medicines stop the craving of person for any drug and leaves no side effects on his body afterwards.

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Withdrawal Symptoms

We help the patient in withdrawing alcohol, smoking or any other drugs and the withdrawal symptoms for these drugs can be seen when patient reduces or stop consumption of alcohol or drug intake after long time.

It can be difficult for patient to stop or reduce drug abusing or alcohol consumption after prolonged period but we help the patient mentally and physically to do so. When person comes out from his prolonged addiction then withdrawal symptoms can be seen in 6-48 hours and these symptoms peak out in 24-35 hours.

During inhabitation program, first symptom is person’s brain activity for particular addiction get reversed and stress hormones of person get over produce so the central nervous system become overexcited. It can be difficult time for patient but we completely help the patient mentally and physically to come out from it.

Our best treatment reduces many of these symptoms and even eliminates them up to great extent. Our herbal medicines give best health to patient after de-addiction without any side effect afterwards.