Drug abusing has become the common issue among youngsters and even teenagers. This major issue has totally changed the mind behavior of adductors as they have great craving for drugs in spite of dropping it out. There can be optimistic and pessimistic drug abusers but the result of their addiction remains same that is it can ruin their whole life even.

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Drug abusing can be of many types as different persons have different craving for drugs but mostly all kind of drugs have same side effects, symptoms and signs as follows

  • Most of the persons after drug abusing gain or loss weight suddenly
  • They have mood swings and changes in their personality and attitude but these changes are negative changes not the positive ones
  • Drug abuse change their social behavior and even affect adversely to their relationships
  • They feel low all the time until they get their proper drug dose
  • Drug addiction reduce their performance and efficiency for work
  • They no longer can get proper decision as they can have problems like reduced remembrance and low thinking ability
  • Even drug abusing can lead them to the way of crime as they could face financial problems and even lost their power to make difference between right and wrong
  • Most important drug addiction can give them many medical problems and they could be victims of such diseases that are fatal for them.