Ayurvedic Medicine for De Addiction of Charas/Ganja/Afim

Charas/ ganja is also known as Marijuana or hashish. If this unwanted drug has been taken for longer time then person can get addicted to it. As well said by someone that excess of anything is bad similarly large intake of this drug can affects you adversely.

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Symptoms and side effects of Charas addiction are as follows

  • Charas addicted person can face reduction in learning capability and memory then must visit best Ayurvedic centre for de addiction of Charas,Ganja,Afim .
  • Distorted perception is also one short term side effect of charas intake
  • As addiction of charas affects memory so as the thinking and decision making ability of person
  • Heart problem, blood pressure and increased heart rate are common side effects
  • Personality disturbance, anxiety and depression can be long term side effects of its addiction
  • Person may also face problems related to sight, sounds and touch after its addiction
  • In the long term charas adductor can face respiratory problem same like the smokers
  • Person may have cough, phlegm, chest colds and bronchitis problems on daily basis.