Ayurvedic Medicine for De-addiction of Alcohol in Punjab, India

Alcohol consumption is injurious to health this tagline we surely had read somewhere and even alcoholic person do read this line on their bottles but no one cares about it. Alcohol consumption is such a chronic and progressive disease that its symptoms and side becomes so severe that it becomes difficult for a person to come out of it.

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However mild drinking for fun can be tolerable up to some extent but drinking on daily basis can be injurious to health and it can have following effects on you and your health as mentioned below

  • Addiction of drinking becomes near to impossible to control or stop
  • Some people become violent after drinking so you must consult with renowned Ayurvedic centre for de addiction of alcohol in punjab, India
  • People with alcohol addiction do not bother that their drinking will harm others
  • Aggression is also one effect of drinking
  • Body functioning and activeness get reduced over the time
  • Alcohol addiction may lead to liver failure, heart disease and even memory lapse problem
  • Family and social life can get disturbed and even can ruin after alcohol addiction as the person thinks about himself and find excuse to drink only.