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Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Clinic

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Dr. Sharda Medilife Ayurveda Centre: Best Ayurvedic treatment Centre for De Addiction & Rehabilitation in Punjab

पाएं हर प्रकार के नशे से छुटकारा आयुर्वेदिक दवा से

Safe & Most Effective De-Addiction Treatments

We are specialists in treating all sorts of drug de addictions with ayurvedic treatment using the enriched herbal medicines. These have no side effects and offer the best results possible in a short while.

No Chemicals

We only utilize herbal medicines in conjunction with counseling sessions, and motivational programs to set you free.

Traditional Methods Only

Certainly, our efforts are directed towards providing the best therapy to combat you from every drug.

Absolute Results

Expect a new beginning at the end of your treatment session. Our skilled psychiatrists and psychologists are trustable!

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We Serve & Treat You With Professionalism

De Addiction Treatment

No Side Effect

Ayurvedic Medicine

100% Safe

Herbal Treatment

Very Effective

Absolute Revival

Nashe se mukti parivaar mein shakti.


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