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Can I Go For Inhaler Even If I Am Not Suffering From Asthma?

Asthma inhalers are specially designed to give you ease in breathing as all inhalers deliver medication deep into your lungs due to which the asthma patients feel relax and can easily breathe. Generally, patients choose inhalers as an asthma treatment but some people have a question in their mind that can they choose these inhalers for easy breath even if they are not having an asthma problem?

To understand the answer of above question we need to understand the working and types of these inhalers and what is the doctor’s recommending criteria for the asthma inhalers as below so that we could know about the safety of using asthma inhalers even if not having asthma.

How Asthma Inhaler Works?

Basically, there are many types of inhalers like pressured sprays, dry powder inhalers, and capsule inhalers and the working of all these types vary from each other. These inhalers are also different from each other on the basis of the manufacturing company and medication used for inhalation. On overall basis there are three major categories of medication contained in inhalers like

  1. First one is bronchodilators these are short-acting and used for the rescue when the chest is tight then this medication can easily open up the airways to make the breathing easy.
  2. The second type is steroids these inhaled steroids target the inflammation in the airways and help to reduce them by making them less likely to go into spasm. These inhaled steroids are used most of the times for asthma treatment.
  3. Other types are the controllers that are like long-acting bronchodilators and these controllers as the name suggests target the control symptoms and help them.

Inhaling medication is the most effective way to get relief as through this way medication directly goes into your lungs and reduce the side effects and increase the positive effects of medication.

How Do The Doctors Determine The Need Of Inhaler?

If the person is having the asthma symptoms like intermittent wheezing, cough, and shortness of breath then complete diagnosis of the patient is done along with the lung function testing.

If the patient is having obstruction on a lung function test then doctors generally recommend the bronchodilator to resolve the obstruction.

Can Inhalers Be Used Even If The Patient Is Not Having Asthma?

Well, using any medication of a condition that is you not having is not at all advisable same is the case for inhalers if you are not having asthma then use of asthma inhalers is not advised. However, these inhalers have very lower risks like racing your heart beat and make you feel shaky still these are not advisable. Prolonged use of inhaled steroids without the condition of asthma can make your addicted so must not try until and unless is not recommended by your doctor.

All in all, the safety of using asthma inhalers can be ensured only by the specialists so always consult your doctor before choosing an inhaler.

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