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Ayurvedic Treatment – A Complete Magic For Arthritis

Many people mistake Arthritis for a single disease, but it is in an actual sense an indirect way of naming joint pain or disease, where the body manly seems to be swelled. It affects either one joint or it can affect multiple ones. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, along with various causes and their cures. In case you have joint pain and are looking for some pain relief, you can consider shifting to Ayurveda, in case nothing else seems to be working.
Ayurvedic medicine is completely Indian medical system, offering not just change in the diet, but many more things also, including herbal support, body therapies, and many other remedies for improving well being and health.
There are no age criteria for arthritis to happen, it can occur at any age, any sex or any race can suffer from it., one of the leading cause of disability in the US, very common amongst women, they get as they grow old.

What is the significance of natural oils in Arthritis?

What is the significance of natural oils in Arthritis?

Many traditional herbal oils along with essential oils can come to your rescue, in case of pain from arthritis. Essential oils are nothing but natural plant products, most of them having properties of antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal along with anti-inflammatory. They directly get absorbed in the blood and digestive system, allowing them to give immediate relief and also making them very effective in managing pain, controlling swelling and also cooling the nervous system.

Some essential oils for arthritis:

Some essential oils for arthritis:

1. Peppermint Oil

Many studies conducted have come to the conclusion that peppermint oil is very effective properties for anti-swelling, along with anaesthetic effect helping in curbing the pain to a large extent along with the swelling associated with arthritic conditions.
Take 5- 10 drops peppermint oil with two tablespoons of Coconut oil (which has been warmed) to make a ready to use ointment, but one has to do a patch test in the beginning before applying all over the body so that in case of any allergies we come to know beforehand.

2. Ginger oil

Ginger oil has an abundance of chemicals having pain relieving and anti-swelling effects on body parts. It has been proven to help reduce pain associated with arthritis so that it becomes a great cure for pain.
Some Ayurvedic herbal oils also work wonders.

Just like essential oils, herbal oils are also quite useful in clearing the toxins, managing mobility, relieving stiffness. Various oils may be applied to the skin in order to help the body clear toxins, relieve stiffness and restore mobility. Given below are some oils

1. Panchamuladi Tail

This has been proven to be an effective cure for arthritis. It reduces Vata dosha to a large extent.

2. Nirgundi Taila

This is known for Physiology properties and also for muscle relaxant properties. Helps a person in better sleep.

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