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Ayurvedic Tips for Chronic Pain

According to research, one of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor is to get relief from chronic pain. In most cases, the doctor suggests painkiller so that the patient does not face any issue.

Ayurveda follows a different way for pain relief. It is approached through a phenomenon called ‘self-efficacy.’ Ayurveda follows a principle that pain can develop due to unconscious habit such as not breathing properly, tensing the muscles, eating over-processed food, not drinking enough water, suppressing emotions, taking too much caffeine, drinking alcohol, and taking refined food. People who are more involved in these habits will have chronic pain as they aggravate the Dosha and Vata. Ayurveda aims to step back and identify which habit caused the problem so that it can be healed naturally. Some of the best ways for chronic pain treatment are given below.

  • Diet

Ayurveda believes that the food you eat determines your lifestyle or the way you live. It is not only important for a living but it acts as a wonderful healer. Ayurveda always recommends to have food which is less spicy, warm, include all the nutrients, and moist food. Additionally, you should follow the diet for at least three months and you will surely witness the improvement in your body.

  • Massage (Snehana)

One of the best therapy to treat the problem of pain or any other ailment is oil massage which is also referred to as snehana. Additionally, it also suggested to the patient as Knee Pain Treatment. With this, the patient gets relief from pain, tames vata and it improves blood circulation, improves joint stiffness, mobilizes toxins, and relaxes all the joints in the body.

  • Systematic Relaxation

Stress is also another factor which can lead to pain so it is important that you relieve your tensions, muscle spasms (cramp), and calm down your mind. For this, you should systematic relaxation for ten minutes and with this, you can add Shavasana (corpse pose). This will definitely help to treat the problem effectively.

  • Herbs

To treat the inflammatory pain ginger and turmeric are the most popular natural spices. Some of the popular herbs are Valerian, chamomile, kava kava, hops, passionflower, and jatamansi as they help to treat the pain. In addition to this, other natural pain killers are wintergreen essential oil, arnica, aquamin peppermint, birch leaf, capsaicin (also known as capsicum), cherries,  saffron, cranberry juice, Bromelain and Anica as all of these are helpful in treating pain.

  • Aromatherapy

For many years, essential oils are used for treating pain as they increase the blood flow throughout the muscles and warmth.

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