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Ayurvedic Remedies to Fight Male Infertility

Male infertility is a growing concern among many men. Studies have shown that as soon as men reach 30 years of age, their desire for sex keeps decreasing and he starts reaching infertility. At one point of time infertility was only seen as a female problem. But, with changing times, males are also being diagnosed with infertility. Infertility makes the person lose interest in intimacy and also leads to a lot of negativity in their lives. Even after doing many treatments and going to various sex specialist, when the person does not find any relief then he finally opts for treatment in Ayurveda.

Given below are some Ayurvedic treatments for infertility:


Kaunch is a very useful herb used in treating male infertility. Having Kaunch greatly benefits in improving sperm count. The medicine releases a high volume of testosterone, which is essential for libido.
It also helps in dealing with male weakness.


This helps in treating semen related issues. It helps those who have a low quality of sperm. Proper blood circulation in the body means men will enjoy their intercourse. The main cause of male infertility is said to be low sperm count and the Taklamakan helps in boosting it a great extent.


This helps those men who have issues with erectile dysfunction. It aids blood to go to the male organs and also helps in treating all problems related to erection. The herb is found in the mountains, but the medicine is very effective. It has the petrified form of plants. It is also helpful in keeping stress away.


Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. It provides relief in curing all kinds of infertility. Also very helpful in controlling stress levels, boosting the nervous system. A great Ayurvedic cure for improving reproductive organs.


This herb has always been in use for treating male infertility in Ayurveda. It is very popular as a love potion because it helps in increasing the production of sperms naturally. The sperm quality and quantity, both are benefited with its use. It also helps in calming and stimulating the person at the same time also increases the energy levels in the body. Shatavari can be used by both males and females to treat infertility. The benefits of Shatavari are many to be discussed. Impotency is a big battle, but you can win it by having Ayurvedic medicines and following your Ayurvedic doctor’s instructions.


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