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Ayurvedic Piles Treatment in Mohali, Chandigarh – Herbal Medicines at Low Prices

Choose Effective Ayurvedic Treatment to Root out Piles

People generally try to hide about their painful condition of piles as they feel shy and embarrassing while talking about it. This condition is also known as hemorrhoids and in this condition veins at the lower end of the rectum get enlarged and inflamed as a result of which pressure on the rectum and anus get an increase due to which patient may feel pain or sometimes experience rectal bleeding. This can be of basically two types of this condition internal and external with three varying grades one two and three. This painful condition is generally caused by regular constipation. If this condition left untreated then there can be various devastating and worse consequences of it so it is important to open up with this problem and to get the proper treatment to reverse this problem.

What are the causes of piles?

However, there is not any apparent reason come out that can lead to the painful condition piles but there can be the following factors responsible for the occurrence of this condition such as:

  • If the person is suffering constipation then massive stools and straining in the bathroom can increase the pressure in and around the lower end veins within the anus as a result of which patient can have the painful rectal bleeding and beginning of piles
  • Obesity is the root of many health conditions that is why being overweight can make you more prone to the piles’ development.
  • Studies have given results that generally women get piles during their pregnancy as due to hormonal changes in the body they can get affected by constipation which may lead to the piles. In most of the cases this condition gets rectified after the birth of the kid otherwise patients have to take treatment or this condition.
  • Age can also be the biggest factor that can develop piles in most of the cases as tissues within the lining of arise may recede auxiliary as we get older thus the patient can have piles.
  • Piles can also be caused by the hereditary factors as some patients inherit the weakness of the walls of veins within the anal region from their family members
  • Embody a work or a persistent cough is also considered as one factor that can lead to the occurrence of piles.

Till now only Ayurveda has proved its effectiveness for treating the piles as there are many other treatment options but have lesser effectiveness or sometimes gives only temporary relief from the problem but Ayurvedic medicines for piles are considered as most effective remedy for piles as these medicines can reverse the condition and even help to prevent the reoccurrence of this condition in future.  Let us understand something in detail about the effective Ayurvedic treatment for piles.

How Ayurvedic healing system works for piles?

How Ayurvedic healing system works for piles?

Ayurvedic piles treatment in Mohali is mostly preferred option to treat the painful condition of piles as these herbs based treatment can not only treat the piles but also prevent the patients from this problem in future. Mainly there are two herbal medicines are used for treating piles that are Haritaki and jimikand as the properties of these herbs help to improve the digestive system of the body. With the improved digestive system, the patient may get rid of constipation as a result of which condition of piles can be treated.

As Ayurveda is the ancient healing system that heals the various health conditions with the use of various herbs, plants, roots, stems or leaves so it is the perfect blend of herbal formulation that can root out the piles however the other medical branches fail to do so. Ayurvedic treatment of piles is not only based on the use of herbal medications as patients need to do some changes in his diet, lifestyle and even some therapies can also be recommended to the patient for proper and effective treatment as follows

Planning your diet

Along with the herbal medication, the Ayurveda also believe in the proper planning of diet so that people can get rid of this embarrassing condition.

Some diet changes are necessary for the complete and effective treatment of piles if you are seeking for Ayurvedic piles treatment in Chandigarh then you have to follow the diet charts given by the experts.  As per the advice of experts, you must avoid the starchy foods like potato, pumpkin, and colocasia. Instead of the starchy food, you may add the fiber in your diet which can help to improve the digestive system of the body. For instance, you can add mango, sesame seeds in bulk to prevent constipation.

Fruits like Jambul, dried figs, Amalki, and papaya can also help to soften the stool then the vegetables containing a lot of roughage also wok the same so add radish, turnip, onions, ginger and a bitter gourd for better results of the treatment.

Lifestyle changes

Patients are also advised for some lifestyle changes for the proper treatment of it such as

  • Patients are advised for the colon cleanse once in a while apart from this regular exercise is also necessary for keeping your body free from any disease.
  • Patients of piles are also asked to avoid sitting for a longer time
  • Patents are advised not to have excessive or abnormal sex as it can lead to aggravation of the symptoms of piles.
  • Drinking a lot of water can be a good idea to keep the stool soft.

Advantages of Ayurvedic treatment of piles

There are many benefits of choosing the Ayurvedic treatment for piles such as

  • This treatment saves the patient from surgery and treats the condition naturally
  • The perfect blend of herbal medicines help to reduce the inflammation of piles and the occurrence of bleeding and pan naturally without any side effect
  • There is 3 months treatment available for both bleeding and non-bleeding kind of piles and this treatment helps to root out this condition and its symptoms.
  • It is the cost-effective natural treatment for piles with long-term relief.

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