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Are You Allergic? Then Try These Effective 10 Natural Remedies To Get Relief

Seasonal changes bring some difficulties for some as they are allergic to seasonal change. Some people had to go through seasonal problems like sneezing, sniffing, itching or some kind of irritation of skin or eyes.

If you are also suffering from these seasonal allergies and fed up from taking medicines then try following remedies that can help you to fight with seasonal allergy.

Rinse with saline before the attack of allergy

Get away from the allergies by treating them before their attack. So it is the most important step too rinses saline into the nose to wash away the pollen on regular basis. Studies have claimed that who rinse their sinuses they get lesser nasal congestions so have fewer chances of allergy from seasonal changes.

Add fish oil supplements

Studies have demonstrated that people who use to take fish oil supplements daily basis they had the lower level of leukotrienes so less reactive to seasonal changes.


Butterbur is considered as quite an effective herb for pollen allergies so if you are also suffering from allergic asthma then try butterbur


Studies have shown that people that generally take acupuncture sessions they get less infected from the seasonal changes and they also get relief from seasonal allergy symptoms.


Turmeric is the quite common spice of Indian cuisines but it has also medicinal value as it is being used in a number of medicines due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb cum spice can also reduce the allergic symptoms.

Change your clothes after coming from outside

When you generally go out then plenty of pollen or dust particles get to stick with your clothes so after coming home change your dirty clothes and it is better if you are taking shower after coming from outside.

HEPA filters

You can get allergy symptoms even from the pollen of your floor and furniture and if you have not high-efficiency particulate air filter in your vacuum cleaner then you can easily be caught by seasonal allergy.

Car’s cabin air filter

If you are not having the good quality air filter in your car’s cabin then pollen can easily catch you especially your face so can become the reason for the bad case of sniffing.

Take your medicines at night

Most of the allergy symptoms like a runny nose, scratchy throat, sneezing are at their peak level in the morning so it is advisable to get medicine at bedtime rather than taking them in the morning.

Know when to start allergy medicines

If you are having seasonal allergy very rare then you can get rid of these with over the counter medications or nasal decongestant spray but if the condition is severe then it is good to talk with your doctor to stop and cure the seasonal allergy.

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