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Allergic Dermatitis And Its Ayurvedic Treatment

What is Allergic Dermatitis?

Allergic Dermatitis is a chronic condition in which the skin becomes itchy and dry. It is an allergic reaction that gets flared up when the person comes in contact with the substance of any type. People who suffer from this condition, their skin becomes red with rashes and it becomes tender.

Even if the problem gets in control, still there are chances that the problem can flare up again and it gets triggered in the skin. In some cases, the rash can inflame and clear fluid gets discharged from it. If the skin is extremely dry, there are chances that it might bleed.

Getting the problem treated with Ayurveda is the best solution because it does not have any side effects, as well as the results, are very effective. You should consult the doctor about Ayurvedic allergy medicine.

The Risk Involved With Allergic Dermatitis

Both organic and non-organic compounds can trigger the issue of allergic dermatitis. In some cases, the problem gets triggered by poison ivy and poison sumac. One of another reasons for this issue is orange peel.

Moreover, people who use products like hair straightener, dyes, fragrances, and shampoo in excess can also face the issue of ACD. In the case, of metal allergies, a large number of allergies are caused by Nickel. Additionally, getting exposed to cobalt,  mercaptobenzothiazole, formaldehyde can also develop this issue. People who are facing the issue of eczema have more chances that will develop the issue of allergic dermatitis. If the problem is not going away then you should visit our Ayurvedic hospital.

How Ayurveda Helps In Treating The Issue Of Allergic Dermatitis?

In Ayurveda, many treatment options are available for solving the issue of Allergic Dermatitis.

  • One of the medications which help is getting relief from the symptoms is Sukshma Trifala. This drug helps in strengthening the tissues in the body whereas kajjali removes the toxins from the body. Moreover, the medications contain antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties.
  • Another medication like Gandharva Haritaki has Sunthi, Erand Tail, and Sandhav helps the body to detoxify. In addition to this, the procedure of Stanik Senhan is done by using the Nimba tail and Karanja tail on the patient.
  • The Avagahana procedure helps clean out the toxins from the body in the form of sweat by using compounds such as Triphala,  Khadir, and Nimba Kwatha.

No matter which procedures is done they all helps treat the issue effectively. Many studies have also shown that when patients get the treatment of Ayurveda by using ACD it has shown improvement and the symptoms also reduce.

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