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Alcohol Addiction And Ways To Deal With The Same

Having a glass of wine once or twice is not considered bad. In fact, many people do not know the health benefits moderate consumption of alcohol has. But, then, as they say, have everything in moderation. Many researchers have proven to have light to moderate drinks in lowering heart attacks. More than 100 studies have shown that people’s alcohol consumption to be between light to moderate, their chances of having an issue with heart, clothing, and even death reduces to a minimum.

Many studies have proven that moderate drinking can protect against heart trouble, the simple reason being that alcohol helps in raising the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. A very fine balance is created, and having more alcohol can turn the benefits into a hazard, which means your blood pressure will shoot up, which, in turn, increase heart attack, stroke or even lead to death.

Having said that, there is still no correct Meaning of moderate drinking. It varies with every study done or with every new research carried out.

Heavy Drinkers Or High Functioning Alcoholic’s As They Are Called Suffer From The Following :

  • Depression

Mostly the ones who are hugely into drinking are also in a depressive state of mind.

  • Cancers

They are also in the risk of having different types of cancers.

  • Heart problems

Risk of heart attack is also more

  • Violent Behavior

They keep having fights with everyone around them

  • Confronting Alcohol Addiction

In case you are among those who have no willpower left to leave alcohol, then you are heavily dependent on alcohol. Just not having for a day or two is certainly not going to work. Instead, you should make up your mind to quit it, completely.

How is Alcohol Addiction Treated?

Sadly, there is no alcohol addiction treatment. Leaving the addition of alcoholism is a very long process, which needs personal willpower along with different treatments or therapies, Your personal lifestyle, and other things, including:

  • Your history of dependency on alcohol
  • Supportive family and friends
  • Personal devotion to becoming calmer.
  • Financial situation

If you are among those, who has a good level of willpower and are also ready to leave school at any cost, then your doctor might want to meet you. They can then ask you about your habits of drinking, the level of addiction. Only then will they be able to decide on, as to which treatment suits you better.

You may be advised the below-mentioned treatment options:

  • Detoxification
  • Behavior Modification


Many Alcohol addiction Treatment options start with a crash course, which helps in breaking down the body’s addiction to alcohol. Crash course or detoxifying diet is performed as an inpatient therapy treatment at the hospital. It usually is a one week course, the symptoms of detachment are breathtaking, you may be given medicines also alongside so that there is less of:

  • Confusion
  • Shaking

Behavior Modification

Many people have to learn coping skills so that they avoid alcohol after their treatment session is over, and also so that they can return to their normal life.

Future Outlook

Getting a cure from alcohol addiction is a lifelong thing. There are chances of relapse, as well. Many people come out of it, in the first place itself, but for many other sit takes ages to come out.

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